Bodybuilding Cons

As a rule, among athletes, as in any other club of interests, the general hobby is considered exclusively from a positive side.

Today I would like to take a look at our hobby, and for someone and the profession, from a different angle and consider several disadvantages of fitness and bodybuilding that I and, possibly, some of you have come across.

Talking about something trivial, like having to eat a lot, but it hurts the budget or you have to sleep and train a lot, which takes a lot of time, I naturally will not.

Let’s talk about more specific things.

bodybuilding routine

The decline in intellectual capabilities

Recently, the myth of stupid bumps has already been dispelled, citing several reinforced concrete arguments that prove the excellent influence of sports on brain activity.
However, either side has 2 medals.

I think that fans of hard training can agree with me that within 30-40 minutes after a well-trained workout, the body tries to recover.
Most blood and nutrients are sent to tired muscles. Blood sugar drops, and thoughts begin to flow sluggishly and lazily.

These few tens of minutes are the most inappropriate time for intellectual tasks and productive live communication. Let it come to its senses and let the whole world wait.

I think that many lovers to work out their legs well in the following example can recognize themselves.

Bodybuilding Clothing

Worn jeans, pants, trousers (everyone chooses an option for themselves).

And they are wiped from the inside of the thigh near the groin. And that is the real problem. This part of the wardrobe, regardless of model, fails one after another.

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Well, since we touched on the topic of clothing, then its selection for a well-built person turns into a real torture.

If the arms and shoulders are in time, then the waist will be with a huge margin. You start to feel like a tongue in a bell.
The same goes for trousers. If you could find a model that fits your calves and hips in size, you can be sure that they will be huge for you at the waist.

bodybuilding workout clothing

What results can be achieved

If you compare natural bodybuilding and bodybuilding using different drugs, they will radically differ.

It is unlikely that a person who will engage in natural bodybuilding will come to the same results for the same period of time as the one who takes steroids. For the desired result, it will be necessary to put a lot of work and show patience.

But even if you pump up, to about the same state of the body, you are unlikely to be able to participate in any competitions. Of course, if you do not care about them, you can continue to engage in natural bodybuilding.
Based on this, we can conclude that you need to think about what goals you are pursuing, and what you want to see. And then choose which bodybuilding path you better take.