Bodybuilding. Tips for teens

Undoubtedly, bodybuilding is one of the most demanding sports, and it is easy to give up and get depressed when the results are slow. This is especially true when teens first engage in bodybuilding.

Not only should they struggle with the reality that building a good physique is usually a slow process, but they also need to understand the changes in their bodies in the equation. This process can be a little simplified for teenage bodybuilders if you follow a few basic tips from the very beginning as part of their training routines.

bodybuilding for teens

What results to expect?

The main trap that any new bodybuilder faces, and this is especially true for teenage bodybuilders, is unrealistic expectations. This is a slow process, especially at the beginning.

If you are committed enough to continue the course in this difficult first year, then success will surely follow. The simple fact is that you are unlikely to gain more than 10 or 15 pounds (4.5 – 6.75 kg) of muscle in the first 12 months.

One way to stay positive during this process is to keep a really good account of your progress. Digital photos and notes on weights and measurements. Digital photographs are especially valuable because graphic writing says a lot. It is also usually convenient to track progress in order to keep your diet and regimen on the right track.

Keeping pace is also a major concern for most teen bodybuilders. Consistency is the foundation of any bodybuilder regime, and this can be especially difficult for teens, as they tend to have much more volatile and more demanding social patterns and activities.

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One of the most attractive features of adolescents is their unwavering faith in their abilities. Unfortunately, this is often not combined with practicality.

Not only are they at risk of burns, but every ghost of injury looms in the absence of restraint. A serious injury at this point can either disable the teenage bodybuilder for so long that all gains will be lost, or completely put an end to their career.

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What is necessary for a good result?

The two most difficult things for teens are diet and relaxation. The fact is that these are the two most important parts of successful bodybuilding. Muscle recovery occurs during sleep, when the natural production of steroids dies.

A simple fact is lack of sleep, lack of muscle enlargement. Diets also play a fundamental role in effective bodybuilding. Follow the basics and you will refuel the car for maximum performance. Three main courses should be complemented by three smaller ones in the best season.

Focus on good, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and good fats. Between meals, there may be protein shakes or bars to replace meals. Whatever you do, do not skimp.

Finally, teenage bodybuilders should try to keep reality. Do not try to follow fashion and believe in unrealistic product promises. You simply will never “gain more than 20 pounds (9kg) in 30 days.”

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Get professional advice on your procedures and diet and follow them, do not try to be a hero in the gym and constantly connect.

There is simply no other way to get this torn body, that’s all. The rewards are just too great to pack him when things go hard, so give him a stick and good luck!

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