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Category: Anti Estrogens

Brand: Sun Pharma

Substance: Cabergoline (Cabaser)

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Cabgolin 0.5: WHAT IS IT?

Cabgolin 0.5 against the background of other Anti Estrogens stands out for its power. With this anabolic, athletes can gain a large amount of mass, as well as quickly increase strength. Our online steroid store offers athletes to buy Cabergoline (Cabaser) at an attractive cost. More information about Cabergoline (Cabaser).

Description of the drug Cabgolin 0.5

Cabgolin 0.5 is a substance that reduces the level of prolactin in the human body through interaction with dopamine receptors. Recently, the tool has been actively used in bodybuilding to restore hormonal balance after taking heavy steroids. So, if you are taking anabolics that have a large list of side effects, after the course you will not hurt to buy cabergoline.

Cabgolin 0.5 mechanism of action and its use in bodybuilding

The effect of the drug is the ability to activate dopamine receptors located in the pituitary lactotrophic cells. Due to this, there is a significant suppression of prolactin production and normalization of hormonal balance in the body.

In heavy sport, the drug is used to eliminate the side effects of anabolic steroids. But cabergoline also gained immense popularity among bodybuilders due to its additional properties:

– increased libido function – low prolactin enhances male self-confidence, which also contributes to an increase in sexual desire;
– restoration of erectile function – also occurs due to the normalization of hormones in the athlete’s body;
– lowering blood pressure – everything is logical: if steroids increase it, then cabergoline reduces it;
– removal of excess fluid is a very necessary property during drying before competitions.

How to take Cabgolin 0.5

In bodybuilding, there are two options for using the drug: during a course of anabolic steroids or to reduce prolactin. In the first case, you need to take cabergoline from 3-4 weeks to 0.25 mg after 7-21 days. If the drug is used for another purpose, it is recommended to take 0.25 mg once every 4 days.

Remember that this dosage is an approximation, and the best effect from Cabgolin 0.5 is achieved if you count it individually.

Side effects from the use of Cabgolin 0.5

In general, Cabgolin 0.5 in sports is considered completely safe, but if improperly taken, it can adversely affect many body systems:

the immune system – hypersensitivity or skin rashes (a fairly rare phenomenon);
cardiovascular system – valve damage, drop in blood pressure;
respiratory system – the appearance of shortness of breath during physical exertion;
nervous system – insomnia, susceptibility to stress.

However, the digestive system is most often affected by the negative effect of the drug. As signs, nausea, dyspepsia and constipation can be distinguished.

Cabgolin 0.5 REVIEWS

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