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HGH 36IU against the background of other Hormones & Peptides stands out for its power. With this anabolic, athletes can gain a large amount of mass, as well as quickly increase strength. Our online steroid store offers athletes to buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) at an attractive cost. More information about Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Description of the drug HGH 36IU

Growth hormone is currently extremely popular among professional and novice athletes. However, information began to appear about side effects and a certain danger of using such a drug – but the publications are rather contradictory. Some experts suggest that this hormone is one of the most effective factors in prolonging human life, while others believe that it is dangerous for the human body. Let’s try to understand this controversial issue.

Basic functions of the HGH 36IU

By acting on the functioning of the internal glands, the hormone somatotropin significantly accelerates the synthesis of growth factors and muscle fibers, and also regulates bone cell metabolism.

This hormone increases the intensity of lipid breakdown, due to which the concentration of beneficial fatty acids in the blood composition increases, which interfere with the effects of insulin on glucose transport.

The effect of HGH 36IU in practice

Growth hormone stops the destructive processes within the body, and also stimulates cell regeneration. Some scientists say that under the influence of growth hormone it becomes possible to rejuvenate the body for 10-20 years:
• strengthening the skeletal system;
• conversion of subcutaneous fat into muscle;
• strengthening the body’s immune capabilities;
• increase mental activity;
• lowering cholesterol in the blood;
• increased sexual activity.

Dosages of HGH 36IU

Somatotropin acts as an active substance for intensive muscle growth and weight loss of subcutaneous fat. To get the desired effect from this drug, it is imperative to observe a number of important conditions (a strictly regulated schedule of nutrition, strength training and injection). The course of this drug and dosage directly depend on the intensity of training and the type of sports activity (for example, the norm for an athlete is 8 units per day, which is ineffective for a good set of muscle mass in a bodybuilder).

For professional bodybuilders, the dosage implies at least 12-16 units, and the duration of the course is from 3 months. Growth hormone is recommended to be used in just this way for the following reason: natural receptors in the human body quickly get used to the action of the drug, so injecting the drug for a long time is ineffective. After the next course of therapy, a break is needed, which is equal to at least the length of the course.

Naturally, the drug is not forbidden to take over 6 months, but only in scanty dosages (2-4 units per day). Please note that in this mode it is almost impossible to obtain hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia.


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