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Category: Injectable Steroids

Brand: Maxtreme

Substance: Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)

Package: 10ml vial (300mg/ml)


N-Lone-D 300: WHAT IS IT?

N-Lone-D 300 against the background of other Injectable Steroids stands out for its power. With this anabolic, athletes can gain a large amount of mass, as well as quickly increase strength. Our online steroid store offers athletes to buy Nandrolone decanoate (Deca) at an attractive cost. More information about Nandrolone decanoate (Deca).

Description of the machine N-Lone-D 300

N-Lone-D 300 (nandrolone decanoate) from  is a long-acting anabolic steroid with a low androgenic effect, the active substance of which is nandrolone.

The action of the drug begins on the 3rd day after administration and lasts up to 3 weeks, reaching a maximum on the 7th day.

Taking nandrolone decanoate leads to a significant increase in muscle mass (up to 8 kg per course), strengthening bones and reducing pain in joints and ligaments, strengthening immunity and increasing the number of red blood cells.

How to take N-Lone-D 300

Since the drug has a prolonged effect, the course of administration is 8-10 weeks, which is slightly longer than other steroids with a similar effect.

It is taken as an injection once a week. The recommended dosage of the drug is 400 mg per week, the maximum is 600 mg. Moreover, the higher the dosage, the higher the likelihood of side effects. Do not take the drug for longer than 8 weeks, from 4-5 weeks, the introduction of gonadotropin into the course is recommended.

The course of nandrolone decanate includes taking bromocriptine from 2-1 weeks, clomid from the last week and Winstrol from the 2nd week.

For muscle gain, a steroid is combined with Sustanon, Testosterone and Methandrostenolone. More information about 

Side effects of N-Lone-D 300

The frequency of side effects when taking the drug is quite low, complaints about the appearance of acne, baldness and hair growth on the body are practically not found. The most common side effects include headaches and back pain, rash, rhinitis, irritability, and increased blood pressure. One of the most serious drawbacks of the drug is a flaccid erection and a decrease in libido, which bromocreptin effectively fights.

N-Lone-D 300 REVIEWS

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