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Soma-Max: WHAT IS IT?

Soma-Max against the background of other Hormones & Peptides stands out for its power. With this anabolic, athletes can gain a large amount of mass, as well as quickly increase strength. Our online steroid store offers athletes to buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) at an attractive cost. More information about Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Description of the drug Soma-Max

Soma-Max (growth hormone / growth hormone) the human body produces the endocrine gland – the pituitary gland. In medicine, growth hormone is used to treat under-development of bones in children and to recover from injuries. In bodybuilding, somatotropin is used to accelerate the growth of lean muscle mass and enhanced burning of subcutaneous fat. Growth hormone is one of the anabolic agents that enhances the synthesis of protein compounds and activates the elimination of fat stores at the same time.

Features of the drug Soma-Max

Growth Hormone Features:
– Somatotropin levels the probability of the onset of the process of partial destruction of muscle fibers after completion of the course. Growth hormone does not affect the production of testosterone, but only increases the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, which leads to increased muscle growth without the possibility of the onset of catabolism.
– Somatotropin activates lipolysis – enhanced destruction of body fat under the skin.
– It has the function of repairing damaged cells, therefore it is often used in many sports.
– It has a positive effect on the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, spermatogenesis, does not inhibit the pituitary arch, helps increase libido, and prevents atrophy of testicles.

Side Effects of Soma-Max

With regular and prolonged use of growth hormone in bodybuilding, the following side effects occur:
– Slight pain and numbness in the limbs;
– Increase in blood pressure;
– Retention of excess fluid in the body;
– increase in waist;
– bloating;
– pain in the stomach;
– pain in the joints;
– Increasing blood sugar levels;
– Suppression of the thyroid gland;

The above side effects can occur only in professional bodybuilders and athletes who use growth hormone constantly. If you do not exceed the duration of the course and the established dosages, there will be no negative consequences for the body.

Dosages and instructions for use Soma-Max

Growth hormone is indicated for use by men and women after 20 years. Growth hormone is not recommended for people under 20 years of age, since the hormone can provoke disproportionate bone growth.

Growth hormone can be used by people with diabetes. Growth hormone promotes the regeneration of damaged cells and improves overall well-being. In this case, an endocrinologist’s consultation and regular tests are required, as well as a glucometer to constantly monitor blood sugar.

Growth hormone can be used as a solo course. Most often, the use of only growth hormone is used on drying. In this case, after the end of the use of growth hormone, post-cycle therapy is not needed.

For a significant increase in muscle fibers, it is necessary to use growth hormone in combination with other steroid drugs.

Since growth hormone increases blood sugar, injections should be given during the lowest blood sugar concentration:
– In the morning half an hour before meals;
– 2 hours after eating;
– Before bedtime;
– At night.

Dosages of the drug:
– The first 10 – 14 days you need to put 5 PIECES of growth hormone daily. It is better to break the daily dose into several doses for the first 5-7 days.
– Further, the dosage can be increased to 10 units daily. Break the daily dosage into 2 injections.
– Dosages in excess of 10 units should only be used after consultation with an endocrinologist. Strongly prohibited for beginners and women.

Duration of admission:
– Solo course – 2-6 months;
· In combination with other steroids – no more than 8 weeks….


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