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Category: Injectable Steroids

Brand: Maxtreme

Substance: Testosterone propionate

Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Testo-Prop: WHAT IS IT?

Testo-Prop against the background of other Injectable Steroids stands out for its power. With this anabolic, athletes can gain a large amount of mass, as well as quickly increase strength. Our online steroid store offers athletes to buy Testosterone propionate at an attractive cost.
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Effects of taking Testo-Prop 100

The active ingredient of the drug – Testosterone Propionate from  – almost immediately after appearing on the market was very popular among athletes. It happened in the middle of the last century. Today Testo-Prop has not lost its relevance and continues to be actively used in sports.

Among the positive qualities of the drug can be noted:

– Provides athletes the opportunity to gain quality mass.
– The power is growing rapidly.
– The body recovers faster after training.
– It has powerful fat-burning properties.
– It is a strong anti-catabolic.

If we compare Testo-Prop with long esters of testosterone, then it has a higher level of security. This is due to the short half-life of the active component of the anabolic. As a result, Testo-Prop 100 can be ordered by athletes of different levels of readiness. However, we recommend that you use an aromatase inhibitor to be able to control estrogen concentration.

Rules for using Testo-Prop 100 in sports

Since this is a short-acting steroid, injections will often have to be done. We recommend administering the drug every second day. In this case, a single dose is 100-200 mg. Most often, the Testo-Prop 100 course lasts 1.5-2 months. After the abolition of the anabolic, rehabilitation therapy should be carried out.

If an athlete has been using pharmacy for a long time, then he will definitely face the problem of reducing the effectiveness of courses. This is due to the body’s ability to adapt to the work of any medication. Some newcomers in this situation simply increase the dose of AAS. The result of these actions are side effects. To continue to progress without harm to the body, you must combine the pharmacy. More information about 

Testo-Prop REVIEWS

The drug is very successful not only among professionals, but also bodybuilders. As a result, you can find reviews about Testo-Prop online as soon as possible. First of all, athletes note a high power effect on the body and do not recommend the use of Testosterone propionate to novice builders. They also note a good level of drug safety. An equally important factor in choosing one or another steroids is its cost. Admittedly, the price of Maxtreme can be considered low on our website –

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