Recommendations for choosing PCT after a testosterone course

To obtain the maximum possible effectiveness from testosterone and to minimize the likely complications associated with its administration, it is not enough to develop a course use scheme. It is advisable to supplement the course therapy with auxiliary means. Moreover, some drugs must be combined with steroidal substances, and the rest should be administered after the completion of the entire program.
In our article, we will present in detail the basics and recommendations that will help you choose the right post-cycle therapy, and offer the most effective means.

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The content of the article:

1. The objectives of post-cycle therapy.
2. Causes of muscle loss.
3. Restoring hormonal balance.
4. Healthy lifestyle.
5. The list of drugs:

• Antiestrogen drugs
• Testosterone boosters
• Cortisol Inhibitors
• Growth hormone
• Omega-3
• Peptides
• Chorionic gonadotropin

Post-course Treatment Tasks

Restoring the body after a testosterone course has the following goals:
• minimization of undesirable effects;
• reduction of risk of possible consequences;
• achieving maximum performance from the steroid hormone.

The complex of therapy includes means that are aimed at solving important problems:

• prevention of feminization – the occurrence of male gender characteristics in men;
• prevention of atrophic changes in the testicles and oligospermia (decrease in sperm volume);
• restoration of hormonal levels;
• warning of a possible rollback.

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Causes of muscle loss

Rollback is a phenomenon in which muscle mass is lost after a steroid course. This phenomenon can last for 30 days. But at the same time, the rollback speed increases if the maintenance program is drafted illiterate or testosterone was taken in large dosages.
It is worth noting that each athlete expects a decrease in muscle mass. Improving muscle trophism during training is due to an increase in muscle fibers and an increase in their thickness. The use of anabolics significantly accelerates this process, the result of which is an increase in muscle mass and strength characteristics.

IMPORTANT! After testosterone exposure, muscle fibers begin to contract in volume, which is reflected in the muscles.

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Restore hormonal balance

To reduce possible muscle loss after stopping testosterone, it is necessary to normalize the hormonal background, in particular the level of male hormones. That is why the main therapeutic task is to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone.
First of all, you should wait for the time until the hormone received from the outside completely breaks down. As a rule, exogenous testosterone is destroyed within 14-21 days.
The second, no less important, direction is considered to be an effective decrease in the indicators of female hormones, the level of which increases with the use of anabolics. In men, testosterone and estrogen are usually in equilibrium, so it is important to normalize their balance.

Healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the leading role in the rehabilitation of hormones after the testosterone course is played by lifestyle. To restore the functional activity of endocrine organs, it is necessary:
• eliminate addictions (alcoholic beverages, smoking and other addictions);
• give preference to a rational and balanced diet;
• to live an active lifestyle.
Alcohol abuse inhibits pituitary activity and hypothalamic function, which inhibits the metabolism of testosterone and causes damage to sperm.
Tobacco smoking significantly reduces the synthesis of sex hormones, mobility and fertility of male germ cells.
The right approach to nutrition improves metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the hormonal function and sperm synthesis. In order to accelerate spermatogenesis, it is recommended to use protein products in the daily diet.

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The daily menu should be supplemented and diversified:
• chicken and turkey meat;
• beef and rabbit meat;
• marine fish species;
• seafood.

Immediately after the testosterone course, regular training in a dosed regimen is useful to eliminate possible overwork. In addition to exercises to work out strength indicators, it is necessary to include a swimming pool, cycling and hiking.

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Drug List

Maintaining the right lifestyle implies a positive effect on the body as a whole and maximum effectiveness from the use of steroid drugs.

Antiestrogen drugs

This group includes: clomiphene, toremifene and tamoxifen. The highest efficiency is shown by tamoxifen, which is freely sold through the pharmacy chain at an affordable price. The effect of this drug is associated with exposure to estrogen receptor apparatus, after a decrease in which testosterone synthesis is naturally restored.

The principles of using tamoxifen in combination with aromatase blockers:
• The drug is administered 7 days before completion