Testosterone and it’s esters

The concept of a “pure” hormonal product means a suspension of substances that dissolve in the body in a short period of time under the influence of certain factors. However, the suspension has a number of negative factors, in particular, serious side effects on the body and rapid decay. A good alternative to the use of aqueous solutions, it is considered to be the appearance of hormonal preparations diluted in oil bases, as a result, substances with the conditional name – testosterone esters are obtained. As an oil base, extracts from the seeds of wine grape varieties are used.

The content of the article
1. How many testosterone esters live?
2. Testosterone esters – the main types
• Testosterone Propionate
• Testosterone Enantan and Cypionate
• Testosterone Decanoate
• Sustanon 250 (analog Omnadren 250)
• Acetate and caproate and other esters

How long do testosterone esters live?

 The principle of action of esters implies the delayed activation of individual elements in the blood, as opposed to drugs containing pure hormone. The unit of measurement here is considered to be the time spent on the half-life of the drug when its content is halved. The second measurement criterion is the life cycle of the substance, or the existence of hormones in the blood until they are fully assimilated.

A life span is a period of time during which a hormone acts on the body or suppresses certain functions. This period is influenced by the dose of the administered substance. So if the half-life of 100 mg of the hormone testosterone propionate is two days, then the full life cycle will be at least 5-7 days.

Testosterone esters – the main types

Conventionally, it is possible to differentiate drugs into substances with a short half-life (up to 2 days) and longer viability (up to 2 weeks). For use in bodybuilding, substances from the first group are selected: testosterone propionate, enanthate, decanoate, cypionate and sustanon. The half-life of a substance can be determined by the outcome of its characteristics and properties, but the lifetime will be determined by the administered dose and properties of the substance. When prescribing the drug, attention should be paid mainly to the active stay of the hormone in the bloodstream.

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Testosterone propionate

The half-life of a hormonal drug is two days. In bodybuilding, this is the most popular drug that is in demand precisely because of the short period of its assimilation by the body. It is included at all stages of the training course, initially the propionate “accelerates” the process until the inclusion of “long esters”. At the end of the course, it is used for a quick exit, helping to quickly reduce the concentration of hormones in the blood.
Propionate is less prone to aromatization without filling muscles, it helps to dry them with the drawing of muscles, which is especially important in preparation for the competitive process. In the case of long esters, you have to carefully monitor the dosage of the drug, so propionate is often chosen. Among the disadvantages of the use of this drug, the need for regular injections should be highlighted, it will be necessary to inject testosterone with regularity every other day.

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Testosterone Enantan and Cypionate

The half-life of enanthanum is 10 days, respectively, for cypionate, this period will be slightly longer, and will be 12 days. According to their properties and the principle of action, these two ethers are very similar to each other. Differences are observed only at the molecular level. Most often, these esters are used in muscle building courses. An injection is carried out no more than once a week, the action of esters helps to retain fluid in the body, so they are preferable to use in courses on weight gain, but for “drying” they will not be effective.

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Testosterone decanoate

 The half-life of a substance in the blood is 15 days, this is the longest period among all hormonal esters. Decanoate is not very popular among bodybuilders, it is mainly used for quick muscle gain or as one of the elements in the complex use of hormonal drugs.

Sustanon 250 (analog Omnadren 250)
Sustanon is a mix of four different ethereal testosterones. The composition of one milliliter of active substance includes:
• 30 mg propionate;
• 60 mg of phenylpropionate;
• 60 mg of isocaproate;
• 100 mg of decanoate.

The combination of several ethereal testosterones at the same time does not allow us to thoroughly indicate the half-decay time in Sustanon. The lowest concentration of the active substance in Sustanon is precisely propionate, so it is advisable to prescribe its injection as an addition in the early days of the course. Most bodybuilding enthusiasts act on the basis of the above formula, start and end with propionate ether, and in the middle period they use cassanone. This hormone steroid regimen is similar to enanthate or cypionate.
Sustanon has shown its effectiveness in full-fledged muscle building courses; a greater effect is achieved through the simultaneous use of several esters. Another positive aspect is the uniform background of the distribution of hormones during the course.

Sustanon can be bought conditionally freely in a regular pharmacy, here it is better known as omnadren 250. In the vast majority of cases, pharmacy workers will require a prescription, but bypassing several establishments it is quite possible to find a place where they can be sold without a prescription. Pharmaceutical Sustanon is distinguished by originality of manufacture, here the chance of acquiring a low-quality drug is minimal, which compares favorably with it compared to the purchase of steroids from AS dealers.

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Acetate and caproate and other esters

There are a number of other, less well-known esters, the acquisition of which will cause certain difficulties, in particular due to their rare distribution. The half-life of these esters shows the following indicators:
• Format. Only two hours, that is, an injection will need to be done immediately before training;
• Acetate. It breaks up to half the volume of its initial consistency in three days;
• Phenylpropionate. The digestibility of the ether hormone occurs within five days;
• Butyrate. You can also find in pharmacies, the half-life of about 6 days, can be used in combination with other ethers;
• Valerat and Hexanoate. Similar esters with a half-life of 8 days are quite rare;
• Isocaproate. An effective analogue of the previous esters with a slight molecular difference, breaks up to half the active substance within 9 days;
• Caproate. It has a decay period similar to the previous drug (9 days), but differs in its composition;
• Heptanoate. Half-life is 11 days;
• Octanoate and Nonanoate. Analogues of ethers with a long half-life of 12 and 13 days, respectively;
• Undecanoate. A fairly rare type of testosterone with 17 days of half-life.

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At its core, the listed drugs do not have significant differences from the esters considered in the initial part of the article. The exception here is only a fairly “fast” testosterone format. The criteria for calculating the duration of the course and the start and end time of admission remain the same. Testosterone is the key basis of any course, accordingly, it is present in it regardless of the type of administration and the intended purpose. The drugs are used under strict control of the athlete’s state of health, often the course is prescribed simultaneously with maintenance therapy aimed at preserving the state of the liver and kidneys.