Testosterone solo course – for those who want to be stronger

To date, various derivatives of testosterone, in other words androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS), are in free sale. This group of drugs is recommended for building muscles and increasing strength indicators.
But you should not discount the usual testosterone in tablet forms and injections. Detailed information about the course application, the mechanisms of action on the body of athletes and undesirable effects we will describe in our article.

The content of the article:
1. Who needs testosterone?
2. The list of drugs:
• Enanthate
• Propionate
• Cypionate
• Sustanon
• Omnadren
3. Side effects.
4. How to reduce side effects and increase the effect of hormones?

Who is testosterone indicated for?

Testosterone is suitable for everyone to increase muscle mass and strength. This drug is recommended to be used in combination with other anabolics, at least one drug. This combination helps to achieve maximum effectiveness from taking steroid compounds. That is why they are used in practice by professional athletes.
A testosterone solo course is ideal for beginners who first meet hormone-based drugs. You should know that at the initial stage it is not necessary to give a load on the body with large doses of anabolic steroids. This may adversely affect consumer health.
The use of testosterone in medium portions will protect the novice from possible side effects and reduce the overall risk to physical health. It is solo courses that make it possible to adequately assess the effect of testosterone on the body as a whole. Caution when using helps to achieve the maximum result from steroid drugs.

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List of drugs

The most popular testosterone drugs include enanthate, propionate, cypionate, sustanon and omnadren. Each of them is indicated for solo use, as it is most effective for beginners and professional athletes.


Enanthate is characterized by a prolonged action unlike other derivatives of testosterone. It should be used 1 time in 7 days.

ATTENTION! Course use implies the following layout: enanthate in a dose of 250 mg once every subsequent week. With an increase or decrease in needs, the dose should be adjusted up or down. For beginners, the recommended dosage of 250 mg is enough, but experienced athletes adhere to a dosage of 500 mg. If necessary, you can use the ampoule form of 100 mg and select the dose individually.

trenbolone enanthate


Propionate is a testosterone ester with a short exposure time. Therefore, it must be consumed more often. The drug is recommended for athletes who are drying. To build muscle mass and increase strength characteristics, you must adhere to the following schemes:

• for beginners – 50 mg once every 48 hours;
• experienced athletes – 100 mg once every 2 days;
• for professional consumers – 100 mg daily.
You can consume propionate according to the “slide” scheme, which is as follows:
• 1-7 day – inject 50 mg twice on Thursday and Sunday;
• 8-14 days – 50 mg each on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday;
• 15-21 days – 100 mg on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;
• 22-28 days – 100 mg each – intake is similar to 8-14 days;
• 29-35 days – 100 mg each – intake is similar to 15-21 days;
• 36-42 days – 50 mg each – intake is similar to 8-14 days;
• 43-49 days – 50 mg on Tuesday and Friday;
• Day 50 – 50 mg on Tuesday.
This approach allows you to first gradually increase the level of testosterone to maximum values, and then painlessly reduce it.

fluticasone propionate spray


Cypionate (oil solution) is similar to the action of enanthate, as its effect lasts a long time. The elimination half-life is 7 days, and the aftereffect exceeds 14 days.
To maintain a normal level of testosterone, it is enough to take cypionate 1 time in 7 days. The recommended dosage for beginners is 250 mg, for professionals – 500 mg.

testosterone cypionate for sale


Compared with the above drugs (testosterone esters), Sustanon belongs to the group of combination agents. It consists of propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate.
Sustanon is administered 1 time in 7 days in the optimal dosage for beginners – 250 mg, for professional athletes – 500 mg. The total duration of the standard course is 1.5 – 2 months.

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IMPORTANT! You should know that this drug is fundamentally no different from other derivatives of testosterone. Its constituents (esters) ultimately go into testosterone as well. But Sustanon is superior in price to the type of enanthate or propionate. Therefore, its use in some cases is not justified.


Omnadren is considered a combination drug. It is similar to Sustanon in its constituent components. That is why application regimens are also valid for omnadren, which has a relatively low price.

Side effects

Testosterone drugs can cause similar unwanted effects, namely:
• an increase in the size of the mammary glands;
• excessive accumulation of fat in problem areas – according to the female type;
• edematous syndrome;
• arterial hypertension;
• acne;
• partial or complete hair loss;
• nervous excitement;
• tendency to aggression;
• unmotivated irritability.
The main drawback of the homon is its conversion to estrogen when it enters the male body. This explains the occurrence of all side effects. But unwanted effects can be prevented.

How to reduce side effects and increase the effect of hormones?

To achieve maximum effectiveness from the use of testosterone and reduce side effects to a minimum level, you need to include auxiliary agents in the hormonal course as an addition.
1. Aromatase blockers – lower estrogen in the circulatory system. They prevent breast enlargement, swelling of organs and tissues, and an increase in blood pressure. Inhibitors include: anastrozole, letrozole and exemestane. Their introduction falls on the 11th day after the start of the course of treatment.
2. Estrogen inhibitors – bind the estrogen receptor apparatus and block their functions. Use after a course of therapy for 7-14 days. The funds of this group include: tamoxifen, clomiphene and toremifene.
3. Cortisol inhibitors – used to consolidate the results obtained after building muscle mass. They are used 14-21 days after the hormonal course. The most effective blockers include protein, BCAA, and ascorbic acid.

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TIP! Course testosterone therapy is recommended for beginners. Means, which include testosterone, in a short time increase muscle volume and strength indicators.
Against the background of the isolated use of testosterone, you can evaluate its overall effect on the body, as well as develop a further regimen for taking other steroid drugs. This will avoid pronounced side effects and choose the right auxiliary drugs.