The sequence of muscle training in bodybuilding

There are two training options, you can choose any. Both options will give results, provided that the training will be performed regularly.
Consider them:

1. You work out the whole body at once. In this case, the basis of your workout is compound (multi-component) exercises that involve several muscle groups. You will find fewer workouts in a week, as the muscles will recover all at once.
2. The second option: during your bodybuilding training, you focus on individual muscle groups, performing the so-called isolated exercises. In this case, the frequency of training per week you will have more, but you will need less time to recover. This option is considered more effective, but it is recommended to use it only after you have strengthened the main muscles with the previous method.

It is better for beginners to keep the middle ground: to train muscles more often with multi-component exercises, leaving a maximum of 3-4 days of rest and planning the next workout during the super-compensation phase.

Distribute specific muscle groups according to the days of the week, but without breaking them into smaller components. Choose activities that focus on parts of the body.
For instance:

Day 1 – training on the legs and arms (biceps and triceps),
Day 2 – back and pectoral muscle training.

Bodybuilding Anatomy Tips

You can train any muscle groups together, you just need to take into account the recovery time and some anatomical features.

When selecting exercises, remember: you always need to move in the direction from the complex to the lung with larger muscles. They are located in the following sequence: muscles of the legs, back and chest, followed by deltas, triceps, biceps.

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Why can’t you train your biceps first and then your back? The fact is that biceps also works while doing exercises for the back. And if you get tired of it initially, then you won’t be able to fully work it out.

To properly build the sequence of muscle training in your bodybuilding program, look at which group they belong to – pushing (for example, deltas, triceps, chest) or pulling (back, biceps). Place the muscles from one ligament in the training program in the decreasing direction, and nothing else.

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Basic Bodybuilding Training Program

Ideally, distribute exercises with large muscles on different days of the week, do not push the exercises on the back, chest and legs in one day. This will avoid a large load of the body as a whole and the cardiovascular system in particular.

The exception is the back and chest muscles: they can be trained on the same day because of their close proximity to each other (don’t have to distill the blood for a long time), and also because they are antagonist muscles (when one group is working, it involuntarily retracts and second one).

Using the same principle, it is recommended to train together: biceps and triceps, quadriceps and biceps of the thigh, back and chest, etc.

So what bodybuilding training program does a beginner need? Definitely basic! For the first six months of classes, your body will get used to the load and performing isolated (target) exercises is simply pointless, so the emphasis in the program we recommend is on exercises that will form the main muscles.

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Your base program might look something like this.

Basic training program in the gym

Bench press lying on a horizontal bench (or at an angle)
• 3 sets of 8-10 reps
• Body Part: BREAST Equipment: BAR
Breeding dumbbells on a horizontal bench
• 3 sets of 8-10 reps
• Body Part: BREAST Equipment: Dumbbells
Dips (with weight)
• 3 sets of 8-10 reps
• Part of the body: TRICEPS Equipment: ITS WEIGHT
Biceps Barbell Lifting
• 3 sets of 8-10 reps
• Body Part: BICEPS Equipment: BAR
Kicking while sitting on a bench
• 3 sets of 30 reps
• Body Part: PRESS Equipment: YOUR WEIGHT

Start small, moderate your ambitions, take the basic bodybuilding training program for a quality foundation, and in the future you can already adjust the body to a perfect state: guys can start working on mass or terrain with special exercises.

Girls – to improve the lines of their body, lose weight, approaching the ideal of the star or gain mass in the lagging parts of the body, for example, purposefully pump the buttocks.

Before training, be sure to warm up and stretch after: walk along the path, perform several warm-up exercises.

At first, it is recommended for a beginner to perform warm-up sets of each exercise of his bodybuilding workout, this will prepare the muscles for exertion and allow you to hone the correct technique. The main requirement is to do warm-ups with light weights!

how long does your body need to rest between muscle training workouts

Why not cardio

Some bodybuilders prefer to perform long warm-ups on cardiovascular machines before weight training, although the body already consumes glycogen during such an aerobic exercise.

The lower the glycogen supply, the less athlete has the strength to train with weight training. Therefore, you will either have to reduce working weight or work with great fatigue. Do not spend on cardio before training for more than 7-10 minutes.

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Weight calculation

Do not chase a lot of weight, the main thing is the correct technique. Better to slowly go to success than quickly earn a sports injury! Only a gradual increase in workload and self-discipline will allow you to achieve sustainable results.
Only time and personal practice will be able to show how you should build your training cycle. And while in doubt, just take the basic training plan for the beginner according to your goal and gender, and go to the gym.

Sports supplements

To become perfectly voluminous, your muscles need help – proper nutrition for muscle growth and sports supplements. This will significantly increase the efficiency of your work in the gym and give strength to your body.
The following types of supplements will be useful to all active visitors to fitness rooms.

Vitamin and mineral complex.
During intense physical exertion – vitamins and minerals are consumed by the body faster. They are also responsible for protein synthesis and are the engine of metabolic processes.

Whey Protein.
The most popular protein supplement for muscle growth. The main source of this protein is whey.

Glucosamine and chondroitin.
Fills joints, ligaments and tendons with essential substances for prevention or recovery from trauma.

Replenishes reserves of fluid and trace elements during exercise. It brings the water-salt balance to the physiological norm.

Pre-workout complex.
Increases productivity during sports, strength indicators, endurance, recovery speed between sets.

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