Finasteride (Propecia)

Finasteride is a 5-reductase inhibitor that is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This drug is able to significantly reduce the serum concentration of dihydrotestosterone, thereby reducing the unwanted androgenic effects caused by its presence. It works quickly, one 1 mg tablet reduces the concentration of dihydrotestosterone by 65% ​​in 24 hours.


Take orally, 5 mg / day for 6 months or more. Without chewing, drink plenty of water.

Finasteride side effects

– erectile dysfunction, decreased libido (often), usually go away after treatment;
– allergic reactions – rash, itching, urticaria, Quincke’s edema;
– depression, palpitations;
– increased levels of liver enzymes;
– impotence, ejaculation disorder, soreness and enlargement of the mammary glands, breast cancer, testicular pain, impaired sperm quality;
– decrease in ejaculate.

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