Flibanserin is a medicine used to treat premenopausal problems in women, especially those with hypoactive sex drive. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a condition characterized by low sexual desires, which can lead to interpersonal difficulties or distress. This disorder should not be the result of coexisting health problems or relationships. In addition, this is not a problem that arises as a result of taking drugs or using drugs.
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Experts recommend a dosage of 100 mg, which should be taken orally, once a day. Best used during sleep or rest. This is due to the fact that taking this medication during working hours or with an active body puts you at risk of fainting.

Flibanserin side effects


When used improperly, this drug has a sedative effect, and some people use it for the wrong reasons, trying to get a calm, sound sleep. If this happens, users sleep more hours than they should. This, in turn, affects their performance primarily due to a lack of concentration and sleep at the wrong time.

Fainting due to a drop in blood pressure

This is the most dangerous side effect, and it mostly happens when the drug is used at the wrong time. As mentioned earlier, the drug should be used during sleep or rest.

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