What does bodybuilding do to the body?

Bodybuilding and fitness classes are more and more attracting people striving for physical perfection. On the Internet you can find various information on bodybuilding, fitness and other health areas, which discusses the issues of training methods, nutrition, anatomy, exercises are offered and the technique of their implementation is considered.

It is known that in the initial training the demonstration of the exercise should be combined with the designation of its name, which positively affects the efficiency of mastering the technique. These facts indicate the need to develop a unified terminology for athletic exercises in bodybuilding.

Studies in gymnastics prove that mastering the technique of exercise is much faster and more successful provided that the student knows the terminology well, since the words used in the name of the learner contribute to a better development of its kinematic and dynamic characteristics. After all, a person’s motor skill is formed with the help of consciousness. Therefore, the selection of terms that reflect the essence of the technique is of particular importance for the name of the exercise.

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General characteristics of terms and terminology

The need to create a system of terms and define their concepts in bodybuilding arose in connection with the rapid growth of the scientific development of this sport, both in theory and in practice.

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Terminology – a set of terms used in any field of activity, including in sports. The main requirements for terminology are accessibility, accuracy and brevity.

1) accessibility – achieved by using vocabulary, terms, knowledge and practice;
2) accuracy – helps to create an idea of ​​the studied exercise, gives a definition of the essence or indicated features;
3) brevity – allows you to replace a long verbal description with the main characteristics of the exercise.

Beginners need to master the terms while learning the exercises themselves, gradually accumulating vocabulary. For trained athletes, teachers and trainers, terminology is a professional means of communication that uses special words and conditional expressions. For example, a record of general developmental exercises is as follows:

– emphasis sitting;
– horizontal emphasis on the elbow;
– inclined lunge to the right, arms up.

Distribution of athletic terms into major groups

In order to more correctly apply the terms in bodybuilding, we suggest dividing them into three main groups:

1st group

General terms – designate certain groups of exercises, these include:
– groups of exercises with their own body weight;
– groups of exercises performed on training devices and gymnastic apparatus;
– groups of exercises with a barbell;
– groups of exercises with dumbbells;
– groups of exercises performed on simulators.

2nd group

Basic terms – include the basic semantic features performed by the engaged person. We include to them:
– lunge;
– thrust;
– bench press;
– rise;
– bending;
– extension;
– slopes.

3rd group

Additional terms – allow you to clarify the basic ones, these are the terms:
– specifying the main actions (for example: lunge in motion);
– clarifying the position of the body (for example: lying on an incline);
– clarifying changes in the width and type of grip and grip (for example: bench press narrow grip).

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Exercise Recording Forms

In theory and practice, there are several forms of recording exercises, the main of which are:

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1. The text form of the entry.

a) a detailed text entry, which is based on the use of gymnastic terminology in full and may be a generalized or specific entry.
A generalized record is used in cases where it is necessary to indicate the content of exercises, for example, in training programs.

A specific terminology record is used to pinpoint each element in accordance with the terminology rules.

b) text abbreviated record, which is divided into conditional and symbolic. So, in practice, there are several methods of recording reduction based on the application:

– conditional foreign language terms;
– commonly understood abbreviations of terms while maintaining their lexical basis;
– brief terms;
– registered, associated with the first performers;
– mechanical reduction, which is used in compiling lecture notes, personal notes, etc.

2. Graphic form

Represents a series of drawings of poses of intermediate positions of the athlete. An image can have an independent and auxiliary meaning.

3. Mixed entry form

It combines textual and graphic, it is widely used when recording classification, competitive programs, in everyday practical educational work. It is most often used in practice.

4. Recording exercises using technical means

For example – video recording, you can clearly capture the distinctive features of the exercise.
To record exercises in bodybuilding, it is possible to use all forms of recording. However, one should take into account the one with whom the work is going.

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