What does synthol do to muscles?

There are many effective methods for building muscle. Some of these methods work better for one person and may be less effective for another. But the fact is that there is a huge variety of workouts and diets that you can choose to grow more without harming your health.

However, there are people who do not have a fast metabolism or are simply not patient enough to wait until their muscles become large. Thus, some of these people decide to use dangerous methods to build huge muscles in a short time using synthol oil.

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Synthol in bodybuilding

The use of steroids is a popular method; there are also lesser known methods that are even more dangerous than using steroids. And one of these methods is the use of synthol.

Synthol – 85% consists of oil and a small amount of lidocaine and alcohol. When synthol is introduced into the body, it gives a certain part of the body the appearance that it is more muscular, because synthol makes this particular part of the body larger.

But the truth is that synthol does not help build muscle. Synthol can slow down the growth of your true muscles, because it is too harmful a substance for the body.

Although synthol is not very popular, it has been used by professional bodybuilders for more than two decades, since synthol helps to make your muscles more voluminous almost instantly.

So, if professional bodybuilders have lagging muscles, then synthol injection before the start of bodybuilding competitions is one of the easiest ways to improve the “underdeveloped” part of the body.

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Side effects of synthol

Excessive use of synthol is extremely dangerous for your health, as it can cause cyst formation, clogged arteries, chronic wounds, cerebral strokes and muscle destruction.

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Simply put, using synthol will not make you stronger, healthier or even add extra muscle mass – it will cause many problems in the future.

Nevertheless, there are people who are not very serious about their health and introduce synthol without hesitation, simply because they think this will make them cool.

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