What is bodybuilding, the ABC of proper bodybuilding

If you are dreaming about relief muscles of an impressive volume, you need the right bodybuilding, the best tool for creating the perfect body. However, to achieve the desired result, it is not enough just to take the barbell with the highest weight, you need to master the technique and learn the basics of the alphabet of bodybuilding.

Seasoned athletes now and then boast of technology, and, believe me, do it for good reason. Only a refined exercise technique ensures that you do not waste time in the gym and do no harm to your body. Let’s get along with the basics.

Bodybuilding what is it

Bodybuilding is the process of modifying the body, mainly due to muscle hypertrophy and reduction of subcutaneous fat, by weight lifting or strength training, high-calorie nutrition, sports dietary supplements, steroid hormones and other anabolic agents.

An integral part of bodybuilding is the formation of relief, for this aerobic training, fat burners, diuretics are included in the training program, and special creams, oils and lotions are also used. The integral characteristics of modern bodybuilding are also aesthetics, harmony and fortitude.

A person engaged in bodybuilding is called a bodybuilder or bodybuilder

The founder of bodybuilding is considered to be Eugene Sandov. In 1901, he organized the first athletic beauty contest. Many athletes were engaged in a specially designed exercise system. Sandov was considered one of the strongest people in the world – for example, his chest could support the weight of three horses, and with one hand he lifted the barbell, at the ends of which one adult was sitting.

Competitive bodybuilding is a sport where judges on the basis of aesthetics, volume and quality of the physical development of bodybuilders, demonstrating them through posing, determine the best bodybuilder.

Men’s classic bodybuilding competitions include three rounds. In the first qualifying round, mandatory poses must be shown. These are the double biceps in the front, the latissimus dorsi in the front, the chest – the biceps in the side, the double biceps in the back, the latissimus dorsi in the back, the triceps on the side and the press thigh.

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In the second round, athletes show a free program. The finale includes both compulsory and free posing.

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Bodybuilding Injuries

Injuries are the bodybuilder’s worst enemy. They cause pain and discomfort. Due to injuries, you may have to part with the gym for a few days. Or, at least, not fully engaged.

If you do not follow the rules of bodybuilding, then the results of your sports program will be automatically reduced. In addition, after the healing of the injury, you can again damage this place. Therefore, bodybuilders are trying to comply with injury prevention methods.

There are a number of unspoken rules that you need to know if you have chosen bodybuilding. They may seem very simple and elementary, but even professionals are sometimes careless, and it is at this point that trouble can occur.

Read the following safety tips in the gym and at home and you will learn how to lift weight without injuries. We need muscles, not injuries, right?
If you are a beginner bodybuilder, you should definitely read this article!
For example, follow the following training program:

Basic Full Body Workout Program


• 4 sets of 8 reps
• Body Part: QUADRICEPSEquipment: BAR

• 4 sets of 8-12 reps
• Body Part: WIDEST Equipment: OWN WEIGHT
Hyperextension on the bench

• 4 sets of 8-12 reps
• Body Part: LOWER BACK Equipment: OWN
Shrugs with a barbell

• 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps
• Body Part: KEYSTONEEquipment: BAR
Sitting dumbbell bench press

• 4 sets of 8 reps
• Body Part: SHOULDER EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells

• 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps
• Body Part: PRESS Equipment: NO
Having studied the technique of exercises, the doors to the gym are open to you.

The ABC of bodybuilding

First going to the gym? Ahead of you are waiting for many discoveries and sports victories. The following tips of the alphabet of competent bodybuilding in the hall will help to bypass the mistake.

If in doubt about the technique, seek help

If you do not know how to correctly perform the exercise or use the simulator, please do not try to figure it out on your own.

Think what’s more important: your pride or result? Moreover, in most fitness centers there is such a rule: when you buy a subscription to the gym, you are entitled to free instruction. Take this opportunity, study with the trainer all the equipment and find out how to properly lift the weight.

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Ensure equipment reliability

With individual strength training more than ever, you need to thoroughly know your abilities. For example, you confidently squeeze 100 kg on a bench, do 10 repetitions and know that this is your best result. But do not try to perform 11 repetitions if you are not confident in your abilities and reliability of the equipment.

Be extremely careful with the scales on the bar and always secure them with locks. Otherwise, a heavy pancake may fall on your leg or injure others.
To maintain safety during training, study the surroundings well and check the reliability of all the equipment.

Do not touch others

Ideally, the safety equipment in the gyms should not be located close to each other. But because of space savings, this sometimes happens, so you should study the surroundings well, no matter whether you are doing the exercise or setting weights.
Along with this, make sure that the floor you are standing on is not slippery. If so, immediately notify one of the employees, and at the same time make sure that the sole of your shoes is dry.

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Warm up before moving on to heavier weights

So, for example, if you are going to do squats with a weight of 50 kg and 6-8 reps, start by warming up with a weight of 20 kg and 8-10 reps, 38 kg and 8-10 reps, and then 50 kg and 6-8 repetitions.

Set aside selfishness

You must clearly understand how much weight you can lift. It should be a weight that you can control. If you lift beyond what you can handle, then most of the stress will be experienced by your joints and bones, and not by the muscles.

Tighten muscles, not joints, and constantly think about how to perfectly perform the exercises correctly. This will allow you to achieve quick results and prevent injuries.

A lot of weight almost always means that the technique of doing the exercise will be sacrificed. Decide at the start, you are engaged in bodybuilding or powerlifting, with stop going crazy because of the weights. Over time, you will become stronger in any type of training.

Avoid jerking

Maximum results and injury prevention require bodybuilders to perform jerky exercises. A sharp jerking and bouncing of the weight will only relieve tension from the muscles and create exclusively mechanical forces in the joints and muscles, which can lead to injury.

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If in doubt, lift in 2 seconds and lower in 3 seconds. The decline (negative part) should be performed a little slower than the rise (positive part). You may have to consider yourself first, but over time you will get used to the set speed.

Dizzy? Sit and rest

This is obvious, but for some reason many, especially experienced athletes, neglect such things. If you are having real breathing difficulties, sit down and rest for 3 minutes or so.

If you feel cold sweat on your forehead, stop immediately, otherwise shock may occur. This usually happens in a very hot room.

Wear appropriate workout clothing

The gym is not a podium, people come here to train, and not brag about brands. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move all parts of the body with full range of motion.

Binding clothes, for example, will not allow you to properly perform exercises such as squats, and this can lead to loss of balance and / or injury. Make sure you also wear comfortable athletic shoes and tie your shoelaces.
Of course, this is not a reason to look careless. Stylish sportswear will be an additional motivation for you, but remember that the main thing is training.

Exercise only at a comfortable temperature

Remember that safe bodybuilding means comfortable conditions. If you train in a garage or basement in the summer, choose a morning watch to practice when the temperature is still normal. Always drink enough water and listen to your body.

If you need to rest a little longer between sets due to the heat, then feel free to do it. No one will look at you askance, but fainting can affect your ego much more.

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Bodybuilding is a long way

Our goal is not to read morality to you, but to convey to you the importance of the right technique. We hope that you will be responsive to these rules. And, to consolidate the knowledge gained, try this general workout on the whole body!

Test and try different bodybuilding training programs, collect the best tips from professionals. You can train everywhere and always. Here is an example of training with dumbbells.
According to research, bodybuilding is one of the safest sports. The meaning of proper bodybuilding is to be safe, have common sense and successfully build muscle.

If you follow the rules described above, then you will not have trouble, and you are guaranteed to pump up impressive muscles.