What testosterone is better for building muscle mass in bodybuilding?

Hormonal background is important for the health of the whole organism, and experienced and novice athletes know that it is the level of muscle mass that depends on its level, its quality, as well as a decrease in the volume of subcutaneous tissue. So, the higher the blood level of the male androgen testosterone, the faster these physiological processes take place and the sooner the bodybuilder gets the relief figure of his dream. However, not everyone knows how to properly increase the rate of the hormone, not ensuring imbalance and not leading to disruption of the work of many internal organs.  


  1. What processes are affected by testosterone and what determines its level.
  2. How can I increase the level of the hormone
  • L medications to increase the rate of testosterone
  • P Feeding as a guarantee of the right balance of androgen
  • With port and testosterone
  1. What else should you pay attention to?

What processes are affected by testosterone and what determines its level.

In medicine, it is customary to divide androgens into “male” and “female”, although both species meet in the body representatives of both sexes, their concentration is different. The manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics depends on their level: a high rate of estrogen in a woman will provide her with lush breasts and a high timbre of voice, testosterone will give a man a strong body, facial hair, sexual hoarseness of speech. If, by virtue of hormonal disruption, the rate of “their” androgens decreases, and “alien” increases, secondary symptoms of the opposite sex appear. That is why it is important for both men and women to maintain the correct hormone balance.

The representatives of the stronger sex testosterone is also responsible for:

  • the volume and quality of muscle mass, its strength indicators, because takes part in the synthesis of proteins (the main building material of muscle cells) and helps their proper assimilation;
  • endurance of the body, the ability to withstand prolonged physical exertion, quickly recover from them;
  • health of the sexual and reproductive system: the full value of potency, strength of erection, quality of seminal fluid, sexual attraction to the opposite sex and other components of high-quality intimate life depend on its level;
  • condition and proper functioning of the nervous and vascular systems;
  • the correct course of metabolic processes, the deterioration of which invariably leads to the growth of adipose tissue and dysfunction of all body systems.
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Maintaining the correct rate of androgen is possible if you eat properly and get regular exercise. Special attention should be paid to :

  • power loads;
  • Weightlifting;
  • all kinds of wrestling.
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 Exceptionally cardiovascular will give a less pronounced result, and in combination with strength exercises will accelerate the increase in testosterone levels. Exercises aimed at stretching (yoga, Pilates ) are considered the least effective .

Nutrition is one of the key factors in regulating the hormone. It should include not only the right foods and dishes, but also special sports nutrition. It is better if the scheme is selected by a specialist who takes into account:

  • all individual anthropomorphic features of the representative of the stronger sex;
  • his general physical condition;
  • available chronic pathologies and so on.

 Another enemy of a healthy hormonal background is stress. The work of most body systems, and, above all, nervous and reproductive, depends on the state of psychoemotional health . Maintain androgen balance in normal will help:

  • healthy, full sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • control over your reaction to the daily “minor troubles”;
  • avoid stressful situations, timely struggle with them;
  • work with psychologists (if necessary).

If such methods are not enough and the athlete needs to slightly increase the rate of the hormone, various medications will come to the rescue. Usually it is various dietary supplements and sports nutrition, whose action is aimed at enhancing metabolic processes and stimulating the synthesis of testosterone. However, it should be noted that a specialist should also make their choice, and it is prohibited to violate the admission regimen, since This can lead to a malfunction of the internal organs and their systems.

A huge influence on the level of testosterone has a regular sex life. It does not matter the duration or number of sexual acts, as long as sex is regular and complete.

Ethanol and nicotine are capable of lowering the androgen rate , so work on a beautiful and strong figure necessarily includes giving up bad habits. Otherwise, all testosterone in the body will be destroyed by toxic substances, its rate will fall to a critical level, which will lead to physical weakness. As a result:

  • decrease in the intensity of physical activity;
  • dysfunctions of internal organs;
  • an increase in adipose tissue;
  • “Erasing” male secondary sexual characteristics and the appearance of female (usually this is obesity in the thighs and abdomen, the appearance of a low timbre of the voice, the growth of the mammary glands);
  • changes in the psycho-emotional state – softness, vulnerability, tearfulness.

Control of body weight is very important, because with obesity, a decrease in androgen up to 10-20% of the norm. However, proper nutrition, normalization of metabolism and sports will be the first steps towards a dream figure and body health.

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How can you increase testosterone

To normalize the level of androgen and its increase should apply an integrated approach. Just playing sports, without dieting and regular sex is not enough, just like taking dietary supplements without exercise and other actions. Work on your body should begin with a conversation with a specialist who will develop a complete scheme of “the struggle for health and beauty.”

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Medicines to increase the rate of testosterone

Testosterone is a complex hormone. Its chemical composition contains zinc, magnesium and selenium, various vitamins, amino acids and other elements. They are in a particular ratio contained in pharmacological products.

In any pharmacy, a pharmacist can easily recommend a popular remedy to increase potency, and hence testosterone levels, but not all drugs give the same effect to all the stronger sex. So, when choosing a tool, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the body of a representative of the stronger sex, so it is better to entrust it to a doctor after undergoing a comprehensive medical examination. The test results will help to understand exactly what elements are necessary for the body, help eliminate the development of side effects, identify contraindications or their absence.

Each drug has its own annotation and method of administration, but the doctor may prescribe an individual regimen that the athlete must adhere to . Only if all medical recommendations are followed, can a man be able to effectively burn subcutaneous fat, strengthen muscles and raise the level of androgen in the blood.

Nutrition as a guarantee of the correct balance of androgen

Even in ancient times, people noticed that the use of certain dishes and products has a positive effect on the quality of the intimate life of a man. Later, clinical studies have established that they are able to increase the rate of androgen, on which the potency of the potency and the level of sexual desire depend. Today, proper nutrition can not only return to the representative of the stronger sex the joy of full-fledged intimate relationships, but also help him to find a beautiful, relief body.

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The list of recommended products includes:

  • seafood and fatty sea fish (they are rich in fatty amino acids and iodine, without which full androgen synthesis is impossible);
  • all types of greenery;
  • nuts;
  • flaxseed and peanut butter;
  • red meats;
  • egg yolks.

In addition to useful products, there are those that slow down the production of testosterone, than reduce its quantity. Usually these are dishes with a high content of fast carbohydrates: sweets, flour products, sweet carbonated drinks.Fast food dishes can be added to this list – they quickly saturate, but after 30-40 minutes the feeling of hunger returns, which leads to additional meals, overeating and, as a result, obesity. The “fast street food” dishes themselves contain a huge amount of fat and simple carbohydrates, which also contributes to the growth of fatty tissue.

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Alcoholic beverages – a taboo subject for any bodybuilder. Besides the fact that ethyl alcohol burns testosterone, it is very high in calories, and therefore the set of fat mass occurs at an accelerated rate. It is well known that ethanol has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, which, together with strong physical exertion, can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Sport and Testosterone

Sports and androgen have a close relationship: the higher the level of the hormone, the more intense the athlete can afford, and the more regular the activity, the more androgen the body produces. However, such a balance is possible subject to certain rules:

  1. Classes should consist of the maximum number of strength exercises.
  2. The load should be increased gradually, with increasing strength and endurance.
  3. The duration of the training should not exceed 60 minutes, of which the first 10 minutes should be devoted to warming up the muscles, and the last – hitch and stretch. Exceeding the recommended time will lead to excessive activation of metabolic processes and release of energy, which will cause physical exhaustion and loss of muscle mass.
  4. The choice of physical activity should be discussed with the doctor. He will determine which classes will be most effective at a particular stage in the life of an athlete, taking into account his general physical condition and health.

What else should you pay attention to?

During sports and taking dietary supplements, the rate of testosterone is quite high, but the rejection of the load or the termination of the use of pills leads to a return of the level of androgen to the “previous positions” and sometimes to a rollback. To save the results achieved should:

  • adhere to proper nutrition: eat often (6-7 times a day) and in small portions;
  • choose healthy foods and cook them properly (boil, bake);
  • sleep at least 7 hours, while going to sleep should be carried out no later than 22-00 hours (this will slow down the production of cortisol – a stress hormone);
  • improve immunity by hardening, avoiding bad habits;
  • have sex regularly;
  • undergo preventive medical examinations.

It is very important to “listen” to your body and respond to all its signals. The feeling of fatigue after a workout will tell you that the loads are too great, hunger – that the diet is not balanced, the pain or breakdown of the internal organs will tell you about problems in the body. To correct and eliminate such problems will help the doctor, to solve them yourself is not desirable.