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Insulin 100IU: WHAT IS IT?

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Description of Insulin 100IU

Insulin is a specific hormone that is produced by the pancreas of humans and animals. Serves to regulate blood glucose levels. In addition, it affects the metabolism of almost the entire body.

Of course, no one then could have imagined that insulin would enter the stage of sports anabolics. Initially, it was synthesized for patients with diabetes mellitus – so that they do not suffer from changes in glucose in the body. However, athletes noticed that insulin, in addition to the indicated effect, contributes to an increase in glycogen level – a powerful muscle growth factor.

Over time, safe and critical doses of insulin in sport have been identified, as well as courses for taking it.

The use of Insulin 100IU in bodybuilding

Insulin as a sports anabolic has been used for quite some time. And for what reasons:
– it accelerates the synthesis of glycogen in the body of an athlete;
– insulin effectively breaks down fat cells, but produces a lot of protein;
– insulin lowers blood sugar;
– insulin accelerates the metabolism in the body;
– it inhibits the oxidation processes, therefore, contributes to the rapid recovery of the athlete after a hard training.

As a result, an athlete taking insulin regularly builds up muscle mass quite quickly, while effectively burning fat. It recovers quickly and can work with greater efficiency. The effect, as they say, is obvious.

Dosage of Insulin 100IU

It is recommended to start the course with approximately 2 units, gradually increasing the dose of 2 units, carefully observing your well-being. It is very important to study all the side effects of insulin and the way out of hypoglycemia before starting the course.

As for the time of introduction, opinions differ here. Some recommend taking it 30-40 minutes before training, because it is at this time that the action of insulin begins. Others immediately after. Motivating this by the fact that immediately after exercise you can eat, thus closing the carbohydrate window and providing an influx of sugar into the blood.
The duration of the course should not exceed two months. At the slightest deterioration in well-being, you must immediately stop the course. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Side effects of Insulin 100IU 36IU

This is not necessarily hypoglycemia itself, which occurs only with a sharp drop in sugar. Side effects can develop individually and are expressed in: general weakness, dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, severe appetite, increased sweating, tingling sensation in various parts of the body, scabies, increased nervousness. If such symptoms have been noticed, the athlete must stop taking insulin and be sure to eat or drink something sweet.

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