Methyltrienolone (Methyl trenbolone)

Methyltrienolone dosage

This stimulant is characterized by increased toxicity. Therefore, athletes who opted for it need to take this fact seriously. Constant monitoring of the blood condition is necessary to guarantee the integrity of the liver. A blood test will also show if the drug causes any other inflammatory reactions in the body. Methyltrienolone is not taken for more than a month. For an anabolic effect, a dose of 0.5 mg is sufficient. Depending on the physical performance of the athlete, the dosage may vary from 0.5 to 2 mg per day.
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Methyltrienolone side effects

The drug does not differ in estrogenic activity, however, it can produce progestogen side effects. The latter contribute to a decline in the production of testosterone and the development of gynecomastia with fat. Excessive salinity of the skin, acne, etc. is also noted. For the female half, this medication is strictly prohibited for use.

Reception effects

• Strength gain;
• Athlete motivation is growing;
• Fatigue disappears;
• Increased aggressiveness.

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