Anti Estrogens

Antiestrogens are a category of drugs that are successfully consumed by bodybuilders and athletes in other areas to remove unwanted effects from taking steroid drugs. Thanks to the elimination of side effects, men can take anabolic androgenic steroids without fear for the following points:
• breast enlargement;
• increased gonadotropin and testosterone.

The use of antiestrogens

Anti-estrogenic drugs give a good effect on the course consumption of AAS (Mesterolone and Anastrozole), and after the therapeutic course (Clomiphene and Tamoxifenum). This group of funds differs in various mechanisms of action. It is by this principle that drugs are classified into the following types:
• aromatase inhibitors prevent the transition of steroids to estrogens;
• substances that block estrogens;
• antiestrogens of other origin.

Due to a decrease in estrogen levels, athletes are more comfortable in taking ACC. In addition, feedback even with an increase in gonadotropins and testosterone helps to reduce the risk of side effects.

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