Testosterone suspension


A suspension of Testosterone is administered according to two regimens: 100 mg every other day or 50-100 mg every day. It is advisable to use antiestrogens in combination. Sometimes other steroids are added to the syringe to the composition, which are based on water or fat, or B12.
When athletes put a dosage of 100 mg / day, after a week the amount of testosterone is 40 times higher than the norm of independent production of the hormone of an average man.

Side effects

From the use of the suspension when the dosage is exceeded or the injection frequency is not observed, a number of side effects are observed:
• breast enlargement with adipose tissue hypertrophy;
• the appearance of puffiness;
• inflammatory skin disease – acne;
• increased hair growth;
• high blood pressure.

Failure to follow the instructions can cause irreparable harm to the body.

Reception effects

• Differs in fast half-life of structure.
• Already after 24 hours after the first dose an anabolic effect is achieved.
• Accelerates the growth of muscle mass.
• It is characterized by fat burning effect.
• Promotes the formation of hardness and muscle relief.
• Significantly increases the level of strength.
• During the injection period, an increase in libido is recorded.

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