Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)

In bodybuilding, clomid for men is used on a course of anabolic steroids to eliminate the side effects associated with the partial conversion of steroids to estrogen (female sex hormone), as well as to stimulate the internal production of testosterone after a course of steroids, which is suppressed when taking steroids.


For athletes on a steroid course, in order to protect against estrogenic side effects, it is recommended to take 50 mg per day of clomid throughout the course.

–°lomid side effects

1) headaches;
2) nausea;
3) hot flashes (a sharp increase in temperature);
4) discomfort in the chest;
5) vision problems;
6) acne (acne).
When using clomid, visual impairment in the form of blurred and blurred is possible.

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