Testosterone cypionate


The optimal cycle of Cypionate intake is 7 weeks and is aimed at increasing muscle mass. Injections are made in the buttock at 200 mg, with a frequency of 1 time per week. Experienced athletes who have previously dealt with anabolics are allowed to gradually increase the dose to 800 mg once every 7 days with each new course. Exceeding the parameter does not guarantee an improvement in the result, but leads to a number of negative reactions of the body to the medication. An amount of more than 500 mg is recommended only for professional athletes.

Side effects

• pronounced edema;
• possible enlargement of the breast with its hypertrophy;
• increased hair growth;
• reduces the natural production of the hormone – testosterone, as a result of which the testes become 30 percent less than usual for a certain period of time;
• frequent manifestation of acne;
• jumps in blood pressure;
• aggression and irritability are rarely recorded;
• accumulation of fluid in the body.

Reception effects

1. Increases muscle volume.
2. Strength and endurance increase.
3. Red blood cell production is stimulated. Increased blood oxygen enrichment allows the muscles to work faster and more efficiently, which directly affects the athlete’s well-being.
4. The development of male germ cells (sperm cells) and sexual desire is ensured.
5. Increases the intensity of phosphorus metabolism.
6. There is an active nitrogen balance.

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