Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren)

Tri Tren dosage

The course of Trenbolone mix involves the use of the drug for 3 months. An effective dose is 300 mg per week. It is recommended to apply in practice a scheme with a gradual increase in the dosage of the drug. To prevent possible side effects, consult a specialist in sports nutrition.
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Tri Tren side effects

Inhibition of the synthesis of endogenous testosterone can cause side effects from the Trenbolone mix, such as:
• decrease in libido;
• weakness of erectile function;
• testicular atrophy.
In order to restore hormone production, testosterone boosters are used, and cabergoline and gonadotropin are used to eliminate possible negative effects. Course therapy can cause an increase in blood pressure, hair loss, acne and sleep disorders.

Reception effects

Against the background of Trenbolone mix, a significant increase in the following parameters is observed:
• muscle building;
• improving the torso relief;
• burning unwanted body fat;
• increase power characteristics;
• accelerate metabolism;
• quick recovery after physical exertion;
• increase in endurance indicators;
• strengthening motivation.

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