Home bodybuilding. How to make a perfect figure while doing exercises without a gym

Often people do not have the opportunity to visit the gym for some reason. I hasten to please, for an ideal figure, a subscription is absolutely NOT an indispensable thing. Exercises can be performed without a gym. Doubt it? Now I will dispel your doubts.

The basics

Stop thinking where to find the time or money to visit the gym. Want to know how to build a great body at home? Good. Let’s take a look at three main steps to achieve a perfect figure.

Axiom: follow the technique of exercises and be persistent in achieving the result. Without this, nothing will come of it.
P.S. I recommend that you still go to the sporting goods store once and buy a sports bench and collapsible dumbbells. The price is cheap, the benefits are endless. Variations of training increase many times.

Body weight training

The essence of such training is the implementation of exercises that you can do without using any equipment.
• various types of push-ups
• various types of pull-ups
• squats
• body tilts
• body lifts at different angles
• lunges

Training should take place 3-5 times a week, depending on the level of your training.
Important – when training with your own weight, try so that the rest time does not exceed 30 seconds.

Cardio training

They will help you burn excess fat and train your main muscle – the heart, make it stronger and stronger. For the best effect, I recommend doing cardio at a moderate pace for half an hour. You can start cardio training with a quick walk, gradually increasing the load. This approach will improve your metabolism.

bodybuilding at home


The most important part of the plan to build a beautiful body at home. In the words of my old coach – “training begins with the kitchen.” If you do not eat right, then there will be no results from classes. There are only frustrations and overtraining. And most importantly – forget the word “diet”, the right eating habits should be your usual things.

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The main thing is that nutrition should be balanced, proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be in sufficient quantities. For normal muscle growth, 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight is enough. Healthy fats (fish, omega-3-6-9 acids) should prevail in food.

Carbohydrates try to consume difficult to digest (complex). You should not count calories if you refused in the long term from sweets, alcohol and other fast food. There is no ban on them, just try to consume these products no more than 1 time per week, or better, two weeks. Over time, interest in them will decrease, but someone will completely disappear.


Without further ado, we will take the basic exercises that are available to everyone anywhere as the basis for training. It is a pity that people underestimate their effectiveness. So, let’s go:


Try to alternate push-up techniques, as by varying various techniques for their implementation, you can work out almost the whole body with this exercise alone. I have already posted an article on my channel about how to diversify my push-ups, where various types and techniques of this exercise are presented. I advise you to familiarize yourself.
Try to make the number of repetitions as possible. Try changing the angle of the legs, the width of the arms.

weight lose exercises at home

Jump rope

An ideal exercise that can be done anywhere. Elegantly removes excess fat on the body. There are also many execution techniques.


My favorite exercise, the variations of which are huge. If you still do not know how to pull yourself up, or are not sure of your technique – this channel also has an article on how to quickly learn how to pull up in 5 steps, where the correct technique is also considered and there is a training video. Pull-ups work out the whole back as a whole, also simultaneously increasing your arms in volume, making the muscles of the upper body embossed and beautiful.

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Also try different variations of the grip, the width of the arms. If you are confident in yourself, you can try pull-ups on one arm, this is a powerful exercise that even I can not always perform.

Exercise bike

One of the best exercises for the muscles of the core (this includes the rectus abdominis muscle, in simple language – press) with its own weight. According to some sources – generally the best.

home exercise bike

Wiring dumbbells to the side, standing in a lean

Technique exercises “layout of the dumbbells to the side in an inclination”
The main thing is not to slouch, keep your back straight with a slight deflection in the lumbar region. Exercise works well on the shoulders.

Wiring dumbbells to the side, lying on a bench

It works great on the top and bottom of the chest, which helps you better feel and divide the parts of the pectoral muscles.


We will summarize the results briefly and fix what needs to be observed so as not to mess up with home workouts:
• regularly increase working weight
• eat right, try to eat the right amount of protein with food
• do cardio to increase activity and speed up metabolism
• sleep well and get enough sleep in order to restore strength
• try not to miss workouts
• We try very hard not to drink alcohol and do not smoke. This delays the achievement of your athletic performance for a very long time and affects the quality of life in general.