What awaits bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has been around for quite some time. According to approximate estimates, this is more than a century. The direction of development of bodybuilding is constantly changing.

It is easy to trace the transformation of the athlete of the early 1930s to the present day. Today I invite you to speculate on what awaits bodybuilding in the future? The rise, or today are we witnessing the decline of the era of bodybuilding?

The beginning of bodybuilding

With every decade, the bodybuilder’s body changes. But is it for the better? Let’s remember the very dawn of bodybuilding. From his first, famous athletes.

steve reeves workout

Steve Reeves looks just great. On the one hand, we see a perfectly developed body whose muscles do not interfere with us in everyday life. Obviously, no one is looking at him apprehensively and he encourages others to engage in the same sport. Motivation is said to be on the face. Now let’s go a little further. 10 years in advance:

The changes are colossal for that time. Obviously, athletes began to pay attention to training leg muscles. The leap in the development of sports nutrition and pharmacology is also obvious. Already at this time among the bodybuilders appear “gifted” guys. These are those who clearly stand out against the background of “simple rocking.” It’s about Arnold, Franco, Olive. In general, as they say, “genetically gifted.”

The public is still positive about bodybuilders and their hobbies. And in everyday life, a bodybuilder in clothes can not always be distinguished from an ordinary citizen. But after another 10-15 years, the following occurs:

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Again, the athletes clearly added to the muscle mass and quality of their muscles. It is no secret that the main “kick” is the help in the form of nutrition and new discoveries in medicines. Athletes 2000 are usually a person weighing 120 kg., Height 170-175 cm. And all this is covered with an incredible amount of muscle. The first disturbing calls immediately begin. A sharp increase in mortality among athletes undermines the reputation of bodybuilding in the world. The mood is alarming, past love has passed. Perhaps this is due to all kinds of experiments of the athletes themselves. Everyone wanted to be the best and did not always use the available means wisely. Which ultimately led to either health problems or death.

franco columbu workout

At the moment, the situation in the world of bodybuilding is generally positive. For already 5-10 years ago, a sharp interest in the field of fitness in general began in society. You probably noticed that today almost everyone visits the gym. And not necessarily in order to become a bodybuilder. Many do yoga, crossfit and more.


In the direction of bodybuilding there are no special changes. Athletes are still huge, absorbing tons of food. They train up to 7 sweats and fight for a place in the sun. If you talk about the future of bodybuilding. That is my desire and opinion, too, to develop categories such as “classic physicist”, or simply “physicist”. There, athletes are more reminiscent of exactly that bodybuilding as it was in its inception, and it’s great. Over time, category athletes (XLLLL) will be a thing of the past. And in their place there will again be strong, beautiful guys for whom we loved bodybuilding.

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