Testosterone undecanoate


The testosterone undecanoate course is most often used by experienced athletes. Dosing of the drug is carried out strictly on an individual basis – depending on somatic status, possible contraindications and assigned tasks. Regardless of the individuality of the program, less than 240 mg of the steroid is considered ineffective.
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Side effects

Despite the safety of the tablet form of the steroid, the following side effects may occur:
• increase in blood pressure;
• unmotivated irritability;
• overexcitation;
• tendency to aggression;
• acne;
• partial or complete baldness in men;
• increased hairiness in women.

Reception effects

When using Testosterone, the expected effects are noted in the form of:
• increase in muscle mass;
• the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of the male type in women – hair growth, change of voice, the sharpness of facial features and other changes;
• acceleration of metabolic processes, in particular nitrogen and phosphorus;
• increased libido;
• acceleration of spermatogenesis and erythropoiesis.
Due to the increased oxygen saturation of the blood, endurance indicators significantly increase.

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